Signet Apartments Is Working with the Charity 'Circus Starr'

Circus Starr is an amazing not for profit organisation which really impressed us when we first started to research who we should partner with.

Circus Starr creates a magical world, for disabled children who may have life limiting conditions and whose parents struggle to afford a day out with their children. Circus Star employs the best of Circus talent from around the world, to create one amazing day where life’s struggles can be put aside for a few hours and a precious memory made for their child. We understand that children with special needs may want to jump up and down, shout out and dance and that is absolutely encouraged so that at Circus Starr children can be themselves without stigma or being judged or being told to be quiet.

Sadly research shows that 50% of families with disabled children say that the way their children are viewed often makes them feel isolated. Circus Starr invite families with all kinds of different needs to have fun together in a safe, welcoming and unique atmosphere.

Every booking we receive helps build towards our annual donation to this fantastic organisation who put on 148 shows every year throughout the country. Every time you book a stay with Signet Apartments you do so in the knowledge that you are helping a child who may not have an easy life, to have a great day out that they will remember.

Below is a quote from Circus Starr's Michelle Crossley, their Fundraising Director:

"We would like to say a huge thank you for your generous contribution! Your donation will help us bring our magical event to 71 disadvantaged children in Cambridge. Whether they use a wheelchair or are facing a bereavement they are welcome to escape into the inspiring world of Circus at our accessible show. Without the support of kind businesses like Signet Apartments we wouldn’t be able to hold our events, so thank you for helping us make a difference in your community."