About Us

Signet Apartments is an award-winning provider of serviced apartments, penthouses and houses in and around Cambridge, UK. Established over ten years ago our one and two bedroom apartments are ideal for business clients and modern travellers needing serviced accommodation close to prime Cambridge locations, including the City Centre, Cambridge Station, the universities, Cambridge Business Park and Cambridge Science Park.

We are a family company that prides itself on offering beautiful, serviced apartments. We dedicate ourselves to providing the very best service and our team work hard to deliver the personal touches that make all the difference when you are staying away from home.

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Meet the team

Anton Creasy BA (Hons)

Managing Director

Anton has almost 20 years experience in customer led operations across the IT and hospitality sectors. Anton was born and brought up in Cambridge and has an in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm of the Historic city of Cambridge and what it has to offer. When he is not working Anton loves fast cars and also antiques and Fine Arts and can often be found sneaking off to London and the Fine Arts Auctions!

May Creasy

Operations Director

May has a wealth of experience of managing schedules and teams in the busy world of television and radio. Overseeing the overall operational side to Signet, she ensures our high company standards are consistently met and exceeded. May is an avid reader and is part of a local book club. She also loves keeping fit and dives for the Cambridge diving club and has recently started to do ice-skating. A mom of two, May successfully manages to juggle her many tasks!

Darren Bennett

General Manager

Darren brings with him over 10 years of experience in the hotel industry, with his last post as the Operations Manager at the prestigious Varsity Hotel. With innovation, organisation and customer service at his core, Darren likes nothing better than enhancing the Signet customer experience and refining our work methodologies to operate ever more efficiently. When not at work Darren likes to roam the globe and has already lived and worked in Canada for a year which he loved - he also tells me Asia is next on his list to visit. One of his other loves is chocolate (he's a complete chocoholic) so please don't leave your chocolates anywhere near him!


Head Housekeeper

Emily is huge dog fan and is in fact also a trained dog behaviorist - think training your dog to do what you actually want it to do. However Emily doesn't just like dogs but also every other type of creature too. She currently owns one dog called Maisie, one Chinese Hamster called Elby and 15 fish (no names apparently). She also tells us she has plans for another dog and a giant centipede. Yikes! Emily is also a sport lover, being mega fit, her current sport of choice being snowboarding and Dance.

Anna Maria


Anna-Maria is a Netflix fan and says her two favorite genres are Scary horror and slushy Romance (that's quite a mix), with her all time top film being 'August Rush'. If you see her don't getting her started on it - she wont leave you alone until you agree you will watch it someday! She also has a weakness for shopping days out and is always on the lookout for little things her son would love as a present. When she is not doing any of the above she loves to take a stroll in our lovely Cambridge parks.



When we asked Nicoletta what she liked doing when she was not working she immediately replied with a mischievous smile 'sleeping'! But joking apart when Nicoletta is not at work she is a very accomplished 'super-cook' and can turn her hand to baking cakes to fine dining main courses. Her specialties include a Romanian dish called Sarmale with Pork and we have recently found out she is making Darren our GM a Tiramisu for his Birthday this year. Mmmm - we are looking forward to that!



Andrei is the Signet football superfan but unlike many of us Andre is not one for just watching from the sofa. Andre is an accomplished football player himself and plays in defense for a local fun team - we've heard they call him the Enforcer. Ok - we just made that bit up, but you can see he's got that steely look in his eye! Andre also likes sunny days in Cambridge with a BBQ on the go, but adds while wagging his finger 'no not the cooking' and then pats his tummy with a satisfied smile and says 'just the eating'! When not eating and working the calories off, Andrei likes spending time with his Girlfriend.



Amy is an integral part of our team helping to ensure that all our properties look up to our high standards. Occasionally she helps out our housekeeping team and has been dubbed "The Robo Cop of cleaning". In her spare time Amy loves spending time outdoors and scaling mountains.


Office Dog

Peggy is our lovely super friendly office dog. Originally from Romania she was born on the street in a shivering minus 20 degrees. A rescue charity bought her over here to England and now she lives the good life with us. Being a beautiful mongrel we wondered what breeds she was and so we decided to do a DNA test. The results were surprising to say the least. She is 24% Miniature Dachshund and 12% Pekinese - what we want to know is where did those long legs came from!